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About Us

DiaperHero™ Bluetooth Diaper Scale
(Counter & Weigher)™ + Free Baby Care App 

(The free baby care app is available for iOS and Android)

  • Weigh diapers
  • Track the number of diapers changed
  • Earn badges as you reach milestones
  • Take photos of diapers
  • Email pictures and graphs to friends and family
  • Submit photos for “Diaper of the Day”!

DiaperHero™ is the newest baby tracker app that helps parents monitor a baby’s health through weighing and tracking diapers. Using a Bluetooth diaper scale together with the free DiaperHero™ app, DiaperHero™ automatically records the weight and other details of each diaper change, including who changed the diaper. Using badges and easy-to-read analytics, the baby app generates reports, charts, and graphs that highlight milestones for parents, and also illustrate trends in a baby’s diapers over time.

Not only does the diaper tracker app help keep parents informed and happy, but DiaperHero™ includes a social component that invites friendly competition among caregivers and makes diaper changing a fun experience for the whole family. Individuals earn badges for diapers changed and can use the app to share milestones and diaper changing achievements in private messages or on social media. Badges are unlocked as diaper changing milestones are achieved.

Finally, DiaperHero™ offers families the chance to win $25 in the Diaper of the Day contest. Entrants use the free baby app to submit a photo of a dirty diaper. Each day a winner is chosen based on the content, color, consistency, and WOW factor of the diaper shown in the photo.


Combining health information and fun, DiaperHero™ is one of the best infant and baby apps for new parents. The DiaperHero™ Bluetooth diaper scale makes a unique and useful gift for a baby shower or a new baby. Method and Apparatus Pat. Pending.

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Scale with Diaper