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What makes a diaper the Diaper of the Day?

  • It’s colorful
  • It’s explosive
  • It’s saturated
  • Its consistency is outrageous
  • It surprises us
  • It appears easy or scary to change
  • It’s slimy
  • It might be clean!
  • It looks stinky
  • It most resembles food or tar
  • It surprises us
  • It has the biggest WOW factor

Our judges evaluate diapers using a complex set of criteria. In determining a winner, the judges will consider the hue, coverage, consistency, and explosiveness of each diaper as it appears in the photograph, as well as the apparent ease or difficulty of changing the diaper. Points will be awarded for the worst “visual odor,” the scariest diaper to change, and the diaper with the biggest WOW factor. Only photographs of baby diapers are eligible for consideration, and only one “diaper event” per family, per day will be considered. Multiple submissions of the same diaper from different family members will result in disqualification. Each family is permitted to win Diaper of the Day just once per week. The judges’ decisions are final.