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Category - News

The cruelest thing about buying diapers


From the Washington Post (Link Here) By Emily Badger and Juliet Eilperin March 14 at 9:07 AM  The Walmart within walking distance of Nuri Mora’s home in South Central Los Angeles, where a 74-count box of diapers…

Most Mammals Take 21 Seconds to Pee


An elephant’s bladder can hold nearly 5 gallons (18 liters) of fluid, and yet, it can pee just as quickly as a cat. A new study reveals that most mammals larger than rats urinate for about the same…

Baby Poop: Whats Normal And Whats Not?


As a new parent, your list of things to worry about it probably endless. One thing that always ranks high on the list, however, is poop. Each time you change your baby’s nappy, you will look for signs…

Disposable Diaper History


There was a time when there was a man … We do not really have to go that far away. However, as you think of it, the need for a baby diaper dates as far back as the…

Fun Mothering Facts


What’s Mom’s secret to motherhood mastery? We’ve scoured our sources and gone to the corners of the Web to collect these fun mommy facts… Download the Fun Mothering Facts (PDF) Key Mom Stats: 2 billion in the World…